Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a form of arthritis whereby the body’s own immune system attacks the joints, resulting in inflammation and deterioration of the joints and joint functions. It is an autoimmune disease. Unlike osteoarthritis that occurs at specific and localised joints, rheumatoid arthritis could occur in any joint of the body. Moreover, the signs and symptoms observed could occur at multiple joints simultaneously. It could also affect the tissue and organs surrounding the affected joints.

Listed below are some of the signs and symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Bouts of pain in the joints that come and go, sometimes lasting more than an hour
  • Chronic inflammation of the joints
  • Joints on both the right and left hand side of the body experiencing aches and inflammation. This is also known as symmetrical pattern of inflammation.
  • Difficulty in conducting daily tasks such as opening door knobs
  • General feeling of being unwell or unease
  • Fever and fatigue

If untreated in the early stages, rheumatoid arthritis could have the following devastating effects.

  • Damage and rupture of muscle tendons, leading to the loss of function of a particular muscle and limb. It could also result in immobility
  • Damage to cartilage and bone
  • Deformity of bones
How can we accurately diagnose rheumatoid arthritis?
  • Blood tests
    Blood tests allow the arthritis specialist to identify the rheumatoid factor, the antibody which is responsible for the immune system attacking and killing normal, healthy and functional cells. Blood tests will also allow doctors to check the presence of inflammation that you could present in not just the joints, but also the other organs in the body which could be affected.
  • X-rays
    A series of X-rays taken over time of the affected joint could also show the rate of degradation of the cartilage.
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